Photos were something that you couldn’t have or afford when they were first introduced to the world. But with the current development of technology, the photography industry has developed to a state that a camera, which can be professional, casual, and even on phones are openly available for almost any person.

Then again in today’s world, people give a lot of importance to their photos since social media has influenced a lot of people to make their photos ‘perfect’. This over-the-top care for the content people put out has become a trend and some people, capture a huge amount of photos to choose one that will be uploaded after editing it. This culture has caused a lot of editing apps to be made and it also has created a lot of work for photo editors. But, whatever the work, you should not take your customer’s instructions way too seriously. Because this digital artist is popular for taking your requests literally and it is hilarious. Scroll down to check out some of his work.

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This awesome editor is known for his funny edits and he is none other than James Fridman. He is a seriously talented artist using photoshop to create his photo edits. But he has managed to stand out from the crowd by taking his client requests too literally.






This harmless trolling is only done on the photos that he is sent requests with. So, if you want to get yours edited hilariously and also published on one of his social media accounts, why not give it a try?






Share your ideas about this creative troll who spreads fun and laughter all over the social media platforms. You can leave your comments in the comments section below.




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