Lover of the past is an Instagram account where historical images, some of which you may have never seen before, are shared. This area includes all kinds of topics, from fashion and entertainment to technology. The most intriguing throwback images from this account have been gathered by us. Please scroll down to see and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#1 A French soldier in 1956 in Indochina feeding his kitten

#2 1960s photo of a fan with Elvis Presley

#3 Two individuals are seen rushing up a street in New York City around 1960 as captured by Norman Parkinson.

#4 At Women’s Medical College of Philadelphia, women from Syria, Japan, and India are all pursuing medical degrees.

#5 When Winona Ryder first met Johnny Depp

#6 To Buzz, I will always cherish the moments we had together. Love to you, Tommy. 26 March 1949

#7 In 1964, newlyweds travel by train to Tokyo, Japan. Bill Ray’s photograph

#8 Surfing physics being taught by a Californian teacher in 1970

#9 Diana Ross, about 1980, finishing a rib

#10 Albert Einstein before his infamous tongue-out photograph

#11 1950, photograph of a 3-year-old kissing a dog

#12 Audrey Hepburn in 1956 in Paris

#13 A view of the Pyramids on August 30, 1905, during a solar eclipse. Gabriel Lekegian in a photo

#14 Princess Diana and Prince Charles vacationing in the Bahamas, 1982

#15 Before face the repercussions, a young boy who had just stolen and crashed his father’s car takes one final drag on his cigarette. 1974

#16 Five transgender women, Miriam, Nana, Jacky, Gine, and Sabrina, gathered in Paris in 1959. Christer Strömholm took the picture

#17 Teens on dates in the 1950s

#18 In the 1950s, a veterinarian examined an early version of the internet.

#19 Miss Zorita, a 1940s burlesque dancer, walking her snake

#20 Thames swan enjoying a feast together, 1958

#21 1979 photograph of women at the First Chippendales Club in Los Angeles

#22 A couple in 1970 making a point about air pollution and the environment. Submitted by H. Armstrong

#23 Coney Island beachfront couple, 1947. Image by Ruth Orkin

#24 In fifty years, I want to reflect on the times I felt the most alive rather than the times I actually lived.

#25 In the middle of the 1940s, in the Empire State Building’s observation deck in New York


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