Dogs are one of the most loved and preferred type of pets in the world. Even though it is the fact, they are still being abused in different parts of the world. Traditional Spanish hunting season uses hunting dogs who are known as ‘Glagos’ are Spanish Greyhounds. These dogs’ lives are very helpless, caught up in a tradition that discards them after a while.

Meet Travis Patenaude, a photographer and an activist who speaks up for the rights of Galgos in Spain. This tradition of the ‘Galgueros’ leaves around 100 000 Glagos to be abandoned or killed every single year. This was something that was not widely known until Travis adopted Lleena, his own Galgo that he raised with his wife. Leena was set to be hanged by her owner after the hunting season because she was not useful anymore. A woman with a huge heart who overheard this immediately rescued her and took her to SOS Glagos and then she was adopted later on.

With this adoption and her story, Travis found a cause to take part in. Using his skills and influence in photography, he captures beautiful portraits of these dogs and helps them to be adopted. These series of photos have opened the eyes of a lot of people around the world and the Galgos in Spain are being helped to be rescued despite this uncivilized tradition. After a year of adopting Leena, they managed to set up a group for the adoption of Galgos in 2013 it’s called “Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption”. They have been spreading awareness and rescuing these poor souls ever since.

Sadly Leena passed away due to cancer after three years of her adoption, but her story and the impact that she made lives on to save other helpless lives. We collected these gorgeous photos from Travis’ post in bored panda and listed them down for you. Scroll down to see these beautiful animals who deserve to live free. Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.





































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