Just like in my last post, in this one too, I have done my best to compile a new and prolonged list featuring many more of the most popular cartoon characters ever created. I’ll do my best to show you what characters like Homer Simpson, Flynn Rider, Lilo Pelekai, and many more would look like if they were to magically turn into humans (one could wish, right?)!

Thanks to all of you, the first part of this project went viral, making my Instagram account go from 5k to 197k followers in over a month or so. Interviews on radio, television, and online platforms have become sort of a routine these last few days and I’m really very grateful for everything.

With all of that said, enjoy part 2 of the project and I’ll see you in the comments down below!

#1  Lilo Pelekai From Lilo & Stitch

#2  Dash From The Incredibles

#3  Bruno Madrigal From Encanto

#4  Joe Gardner From Soul

#5  Flynn Rider From Tangled

#6  Raya From Raya And The Last Dragon

#7  Tiana From The Princess And The Frog

#8  Mulan

#9  Mirabel Madrigal From Encanto

#10  Pepa Madrigal From Encanto

#11  Ursula From The Little Mermaid

#12  Luisa Madrigal From Encanto

#13  Julieta Madrigal From Encanto

#14  Violet Parr From The Incredibles

#15  Homer Simpson

#16  Cinderella

#17  Barbie

#18  Evil Queen From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

#19  Maleficent

#20  Peter Griffin From The Family Guy

#21  Li Shang From Mulan

#22  Prince Naveen From The Princess And The Frog

#23  Hercules

#24  Lisa Simpson

#25  He-Man From The Masters Of The Universe

#26  Belle From Beauty And The Beast

#27  Tarzan

#28  Annabelle From The Conjuring

#29  Marge Simpson

#30  Princess Merida From Brave

Credits: boredpanda.com

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