Mother nature has created this universe with the most wonderful components and combinations. We have everything that produces and maintains life, and much more. If we only take a moment to look about us, we will discover enough beauty and wonder in this world to make us feel grateful for everything.

This article is about a person who teaches the world that you can make beautiful things with nothing but Nature. Meet Kanya Tamas, who lives in Hungary. He takes time out of his day to appreciate Nature on the river bank that is near his residence in Budapest. There, he makes something creative that reveals practically every part of Nature is artistic. By utilizing flowers, pebbles, shells, stones, and other such materials he finds on the river bank, he constructs captivating mandalas.

Mandalas are cleanly and aesthetically formed groupings that are initially produced utilizing natural ingredients. Now, the art of it has extended across many different sectors such as painting, weaving, tattooing, and more. The complex patterns that circle in the mandala generate balance and consistency. Some believe this to be a sort of meditation to layout these patterns to be faultless.

Tamas uses everything he uncovers on the river bank to make his mandalas. This provides him a surprise and an opportunity to deal with diverse things all the time. He publishes images of the mandalas that he produces and you just have to glance at them once to realize that he is excellent at it. So, we thought of presenting some photographs of Mandalas Tamas has posted on Bored Panda below this article. Upvote your favorites to the top and share your opinions in the comments sections below.




























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