The love of a Mother and a child is a wonderful bond which is present in every culture of every country. No matter the difference of the culture, language and location, it will only add more color to their bond.

This is  Mihaela Noroc,  Romanian photographer who travels the world to capture the diversity among people in the world, took  her time to study the love and the bond that mothers and their children share no matter where they are in the world map. Mothers give their unconditional love and support to their children no matter what. The happiness that they receive might be a wide range of things starting from the very smallest things such as just being around them.

How children and mothers light up each other’s lives is a very special and a mysterious connection that is not present to be captured by a camera. But as a mother herself, Noroc can relate to the feelings that are shared between them. She believes that the love has no borders no matter what culture, location or language they use. It is truly visible for Noroc to read in every mother’s eyes and by the happiness they share. This is one of the reasons that Noroc prefer to travel across the world; so she can experience the same feeling and form of love in various variations all around the world. We have collected some photos of Noroc that projects the love and the relationship between a mother and her child, around the world. Scroll down and leave your thoughts in the comments section below to share with all of us.












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