Photography and creativity are two things that are bound together in the industry of photography. A creative artist with an awesome imagination gets to exert their artistry through their specific art skill and photography is the skill of a photographer.

Meet this talented photographer from Montreal; Vé Duplain. She is originally a French-Canadian. Being a self-taught photographer, Duplain has some awesome photography skills to back up her popping imagination. So, as a project and a challenge she presented herself with, she captured as much as self-portraits of herself during each month of February. This project becomes a very interesting one as she does each of her self-portraits in a different setting, costume, using different props and themes. It has been a very visually appealing series of photos as people gathered around and shared her photos all over the internet appreciating them.

This set of photos caught our eye when we found it on Bored Panda where this photographer posted initially. Going through them, we saw a lot of creativity through these photos. The concepts, props, and her choice of outfits project a different image in each of her portraits. This project is titled; “#SelfieProject” and it looks so cool. Her art and photography life unfolds as she is backed up by Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal with her present and future projects.

We shared some of her awesome work below this article for you. You can check them out by scrolling down on this list. Do not forget to share your thoughts about this cool photographer/artist in the comments section below.






























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