Every child has the thought of figuring out how their parents’ youth must be like back in the day. Even though we can’t travel back in time, there is one way we could peek into it, photographs. This technology gives us the chance to look at certain moments of the past through them, Using it, a set of girls took part in a very fun and sweet rend on Twitter.

This trend was to recreate one of their mother’s photos when they were young, preferably their age. It was created in relation to mother’s day and all these young women recreated a photo for their mothers. You can see that photography was not developed as it is today, the handheld cameras with film in it were the one that was available. You cannot check out the picture until it comes to you developed, like a photograph. So, it might get blurry, unfocused, and few errors as such. But that becomes the picture that holds memories and moments in it.

So, we collected some of these cool photo recreations that we found under this list. The daughters are seen wearing outfits similar to what their mothers have worn and everybody seems to nail it. It is so amazing to see how these daughters try to get the shot done as close as possible to the old photo. Even if it’s a trend, it is pretty evident that it got these pairs of daughter and mother much more closer.

Scroll down to check these recreations out under this article. You can check out more amazing recreations by following the #ThrowbackMiniMeChallenge hashtag. Let us know what you think about this trend and upvote your favorite photos to the top of this list.






























Credits: bananalanguage.com

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