Fashion modelers are people who are extremely photogenic and built in a way that is ideal for showcasing clothing on them. They all share their story of success, for others who are struggling from the bottom to their way to the top. But, this article is not about any regular fashion model. This is a cat fashion model who has literally come a long way to become the model he is.

Meet this Instagram famous cat model; Benson. He is a cat who was rescued from the streets of Dubai. Benson is said to be abandoned by his previous owners when they have moved, leaving this poor cat on the streets. A couple from America who was in Dubai at that time noticed Benson and brought him back home.

After Benson got used to his new home in the United States, his owners noticed another surprising thing Benson did. He stood perfectly still whenever they tried to take a picture of him. This sparked an idea in the minds of Benson’s hooman parents.

Afterward, this cat became a fashion model of sorts. He now has a wardrobe of colorful clothes and accessories that he rocks. Glasses and hats were not used in the earlier days of his photos, and now, he is completely comfortable with them. The photos are uploaded to Instagram which creates huge popularity for Benson online. A lot of people visit and adore this fashionable feline while sharing the pictures with people they know.

SO, we thought of sharing some of Benson’s photogenic pictures with you, below this article. You can scroll down to check it out and upvote your favorite outfit that Benson wears. Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections and pay Benson a visit on his Instagram account.
































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