Cats are a set of very funny animals in the world. Being one of the most common types of pets, their behavior is nothing new to us. Their ability to fit into any vessel, box, or space is just amazing. Some of these funny pictures have made it to the internet to become some of the most viral cat photos that are featured in tons of memes.

With the popularity of these memes and one artist from Indonesia got inspired to create a collection of awesome art. Meet this artist who is known as tactooncat. He has created a cool set of illustrations based on these viral cat memes. By creating these colorful illustrations, this artist has been able to present these photos in a very cool and clear perspective to pop the funny elements of it.

The original photos of these memes were random captured photos and most of them do not have a good quality in them. So, even though we identify the photo, they are not very clear. So, this set of art gives the viewer a very clear and colorful picture to enjoy. This artist has made their account a very famous one with the art that is created. More and more people gather to check out memes which they have laughed at, in a fresh perspective.

So, in order to share this amazing creativity of this artist with you, we shared some of his hilarious artwork with you. Scroll down the list to find your favorite memes and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections. Upvote your favorites to the top of the list and give tactooncat a visit on their Instagram account.
































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