Real Estate agents and people who try to sell their houses give their best shot to present it in the best way and to get the best offer as much as possible. But every one of us should understand that everything is not the same and also, that we cannot charge a whole lot of money for something in shackles.

It is a bit common to end up with a bad house if you made a bad choice in buying on or in building your own. But it is you who will face the music when you try to sell it. Anyhow, today’s article brings you an entertaining set of photos that are included in a project done by “The Broke Agent”. It is a media brand that is active across multiple social media platforms to create humor relating to real-estate fails. We have already brought you some architectural fails on our website, you can check them here and here. But this article right here shows you how ridiculously these sorts of houses are being sold and presented to the market.

The brand is a US-based one and it was created due to the high amount of real estate agents and how often people move in and out of places. Even if people do not have any plans to move, they have a tendency to check out houses or apartments that they have the possibility of doing so. In the process, they come across many awfully ridiculous advertisements where horribly build houses are tried to be covered up.

It is really funny to look at these real estate fails because even though everyone isn’t a real estate agent, everyone can notice something ridiculous with a house when they see it. So, we thought of listing a set of these funny posts under this article for you. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections. You can also upvote on the funniest fails out of these to the top of this list. Follow the links mentioned below for more.
































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