People often complain that they are not photogenic enough to look good in their photos. But it is not something you are born with, it is something you can do, consciously. People who seem to be naturally photogenic pose themselves naturally without being conscious about it.

To explain how your posing can make you look much better in your photos, here is Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki featuring on our website again with her amazing photo-posing tips. She is a photography major who has earned herself popularity for the information she shares. With a following of more than 600K on Instagram, she shares amazing posing tips that will make you look amazing in photos.

We have previously brought some of her posing tips as well, you can read them here if you are interested. Here, she shows you how important little things in posing are. Even if you do not understand it. a simple change in your posture or placing your hands or legs in slightly different places can add awesomeness to your photos.

By being confident and following these simple guidelines, you can make a miraculous difference. Bonnie does not only tell you how to do it but shows you as well. She often posts photos of her doing poses the way it’s usually done against a photo of how it should be done. Since social media and photos are now a big part of our lives, we thought of sharing some of these cool tips that you can try out yourself.

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