Art comes in numerous shapes and styles and make-up is one of those types of art. The difference with make-up is that it is done on a person than on a canvas. With the use of make-up individuals normally, enhance and improve their look, and that is the major application of make-up. But it itself is art, furthermore, it can also be utilized to make current art as well.

If you are trying to make art on a face, it could get a bit tough as a face does not have a flat surface like the conventional painting canvases have. But it did not stop this brilliant artist. Meet this fantastic artist who goes by her name RJ on social media. She is famous for the gorgeous make-up art she performs on her face.

These pieces of art are not ordinary color play, they are far more optical illusions and abstract art. Using the anatomy of the face, she skillfully performs the art. At the first glimpse that anybody takes at her art, they will undoubtedly be confused by the illusion. And these characteristics have allowed her to establish a massive audience for herself within a short amount of time on social media.

A lot of people follow her on social media to check out her great work and also to watch her lessons. This is make-up artist illustrates that art does not have to be boxed within a single area, art is to communicate emotion, ideas, and artistry. RJ has established herself in being a highly skilled and creative artist as well. So, we thought of compiling some of her artwork for you to look out.

Scroll through the list that we obtained for you below and let us know what you think of RJ’s work in the comments area.












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