Entertainment was taken to the next level when Marvel studios unleashed their set of movies based on late Stan “The Man” Lee’s comics. They introduced a new generation of superheroes and an entire cinematic universe that still keeps on rolling up to date.

Creating fascination and wonder as no entertainment company has ever done before, Marvel has managed to grab the hearts of their fans all over the world swiftly. The animations, the stories, and the whole interconnecting universe have left people of all ages, nationalities, and places in awe. David Cubero is one of those people who were left in awe. He is a VFX and motion graphics artist coming from Barcelona who loves to collect Marvel and other superhero collectible toys.

With a mix of love and his explosive imagination, David has created an awesome project using his toys. This creative artist has posted on Bored Panda, to portray how these superheroes would look in their daily lives when they are not busy saving the world. Using the appropriate perspectives, David has captured these scenes to create life-like scenes.

Scroll down to have a look at these amazing and funny scenarios that David has created using these toys, a camera, and a touch of editing to make the scenes look realistic. As a fan of all of these movies, he did not forget to incorporate a few other superhero toys into this project as well. So, you will find several other famous movies characters in this project as well. After all, they are all movie characters, we can slightly think of a scenario where they casually meet up, right?

You can leave your thoughts in the comments sections and upvote your favorite scenario of these superhero photos below.




































Credits: bananalanguage.com

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