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20 Inspiring Married Couples of 30 Years or More

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Marriage is one of life’s most significant turning events. You alter the direction of your life by establishing a whole new family with whom to share your life. Choosing life partners and raising a family together is not easy, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences anybody can have.

This post introduces you to an incredible photographic project that was developed to honor couples that remain faithful to one another. Meet Jodi Sware, the artist behind the lens. She is a photographer and has been married for about 30 years. As a married woman, she understands that life is hardly a stroll in the park, and it seldom goes as planned. But the beauty of staying together and making it work is that it increases its value over time.

Jodi has met and shot a number of couples who have been married for anything from 34 to 72 years. This photographer has shot incredible images of them that clearly demonstrate their unending love. She takes these pictures for a project she wants to publish, and we got a sneak peek at it on Bored Panda. As a result, I’ve shared 20 of these incredible photographs that speak for themselves.

This is the actual beauty and connection that a marriage and life partners should have in common. It’s not something you share for a fleeting time or while you’re young; it’s something that lasts forever. So, scroll down to see this collection of images of individuals who are committed to loving and holding each other till the end of time. In the comments box, tell us what you think of these photographs.

#1 Married 56 Years.

#2 Married 50 Years.

#3 Married 46 Years.

#4 Married 56 Years.

#5 Married 55 Years.

#6 Married 40 Years.

#7 Married 43 Years.

#8 Married 64 Years.

#9 Married 49 Years.

#10 Married 50 Years.

#11 Married 53 Years.

#12 Married 42 Years.

#13 Married 55 Years.

#14 Married 51 Years.

#15 Married 66 Years.

#16 Married 56 Years.

#17 Married 65 Years.

#18 Married 65 Years And Still Dancing.

#19 Married 41 Years.

#20 Married 54 Years.

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