Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’22), ACM (2022)


AI is the new kid on the block, but it’s here to stay. And it can be a great thing for us humans—if we use it wisely. In this article, I’ll explain what AI is and why its benefits outweigh any concerns about its dangers.

What is AI?

  • AI is a computer program that can learn from experience.
  • The goal of an AI system is to make predictions based on what it has learned, and then take action based on those predictions.
  • In other words, an AI system isn’t just programmed to perform certain tasks; it’s also programmed with the ability to learn from past data, so it can use this information—and its own experiences—to improve its performance in future situations.

AI cannot be dangerous

AI is just a tool. It cannot be dangerous, evil, biased or racist.

AI is not sentient: it doesn’t understand what it does and why it does it the way it does. AI can only perform tasks given to it by humans who have programmed the algorithm with relevant information and knowledge about how to solve problems in certain situations (e-commerce orders).

The fact that AI can be used for tasks like machine learning algorithms means that we can create systems which will be able to learn from experience without being explicitly taught by us (as we would need with human beings).

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AI is here to help us

AI is a tool that can help us make better decisions. It’s not magic, but AI can be used to solve problems and find solutions to those problems. These processes are called AI-enabled applications (AEAs). In other words, AEAs are software programs that use artificial intelligence techniques for processing data in order to achieve specific goals or tasks.

AI has been around since the 1950s when computer scientists first started developing algorithms for solving problems such as finding optimal solutions to mathematical equations or predicting weather patterns based on historical data from previous years; however, today’s AEA applications go far beyond these early models because they incorporate more sophisticated learning mechanisms such as machine learning techniques like neural networks which allow them to adapt over time by learning new information about their environment or user behavior patterns so they can continue improving their performance over time without being programmed specifically by humans beforehand!

What are current applications for AI.

AI is being used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Healthcare. AI helps physicians identify patients at risk for heart attacks and other serious illnesses. It can also help doctors predict when patients will need to see a specialist, which saves them time and money.
  • Education. AI has been used to create personalized learning plans that help students learn more efficiently by highlighting areas where they need extra help or guidance; this allows educators more time to focus on teaching basic concepts instead of rote memorization exercises that have little value later on (and may even cause damage).
  • Businesses like Amazon use machine learning algorithms for customer service calls so call centers don’t get overloaded with queries from customers who want answers quickly without having any idea what questions might actually be relevant!

Where will AI be in the future?

AI will be able to do more than we can imagine. The possibilities for AI are endless, and it’s possible that the technology could make your life easier in ways you never even thought of. We already have some pretty amazing examples of this happening:

  • Amazon’s Alexa is able to answer questions about anything from the weather to how many calories are in a banana; she can also play music for you or tell jokes (her favorite being “What does a panda say?”). She’s even been known to take over your house once, by playing songs on request while people were sleeping next door! If there was an alien invasion at the time I wasn’t home…

AI is great, trust it!

You have to be careful, but AI is here to help you. It can help us make better decisions and it’s already changing the world for the better in many ways.

AI is a great tool that we should use without fear or hesitation because it does not make mistakes or cause harm, but rather helps us reach our goals faster than we ever could on our own.


AI is here to help us! It can do everything from making your car drive itself to finding out what you’re thinking about so that it can use that information for its own purposes. There’s no doubt that we will see more applications of AI in the future, but ultimately it should make our lives easier and safer.

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