The fashion and beauty industries are skyrocketing as modern-day society is very conscious about what they wear and how they look. This has been a wonderful opportunity for art to revive and grow out to present amazing things that it can do. The fashion industry is sp far and wide that you will see something new coming out every single day that you won’t be able to keep track of.

But within all this amazing process, there still are some cynical attributes in these aforementioned industries. One of the huge setbacks these industries present is the setting of beauty/body-type standards. For long as anyone can remember, fashion brands only hired models of a certain body-type. Through their marketing and promotion, the mass crowd has felt insecure about their bodies while compared to all the fashion models that they see.

Recently, this trend was broken as society started to accept body positivity. The fashion industry has now started to hire curvy and plus-size models to expand the range of body-types that they promote their products for. Remi Bader is also a curvy model who got popular for one of her TikToks that showed the world unrealistic poses that the conventional fashion models do. For this, Remi has selected the ‘Zara’ brand and its models.

Zara is known for presenting its products in a very strange way with the posing of its models. And Remi shows that even being a curvy model herself, these poses don’t make sense and they are impractical. This funny TikTok was shared all around the world, sharing the sense of impracticality of these poses along the way. Remi managed to capture the attention of a huge crowd by this, so we thought of sharing some moments of this TikTok with you.

Scroll down to check it out and follow the link to her social media accounts to check out the original video. Share what you think about this article with us in the comments sections below.























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