There is a very special connection between Grand-Parents and Grand-Children. In today’s busy world, grand-parents get to be closer and more present with their grandchildren at home. With their knowledge and experience with bringing up children, grandparents become one of the child’s favorite people easily.

But, when we grow up, the bond tends to get distanced. And a lot of people do not ‘hang out’ with their grand-parents as they did when they were small children. That was one of the key points for Sujata Setia. She is a photographer and in her original post, she said that she has been emotionally taken back by the fact that she can hardly find a picture with her grand-parents that she adored.

This usually happens in the modern world, as a child grows they tend to be less-present at house and family while they are exploring the world. But a lot of people do not get it that the time they got with their grand-parents is limited.

So, with her experience. This photographer decided to photograph grand-parents with their grand-children where ever she travels in the world. The pictures listed below are of a photoshoot that she did, involving grand-children creating happy memories with their grand-parents. You will surely cherish your memories when you scroll through this heartwarming set of photographs. There is only genuine happiness, love, and affection for each other in this set of photos.

Scroll down to check them out. Let this be a shout-out to all the grand-parents out there! Please let us know your thoughts about this article or if there are any memories of yours to share.





























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