There are many historically important political figures in the United States of America and the world who are world famous.  They did not get to have the technological facilities to get a modern day-like photoshoots for them when they were running the ‘office’.

So, Eoford on reddit shared his concept photos on reddit. He has used modern day image rendering software with Artificial Intelligence support to create very modern-like photos of previous presidents of of the world. He has re-imagined politicians like Churchill and Lincoln in font of the stared flag inside the Oval office, resurrected you might say, just like the modern day politicians.

It is truly incredible how technology can assist us to bring back people from the past and fit them right into the modern day society’s context. Eoford has brought us a perfect example by editing these politicians of the past that the whole world know of and love, into very modern day settings, while executing the process successfully. Scroll down to check out the edited photos that we have listed below and vote your pick to the top. Also, please leave your ideas in the comments sections below!











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