Dogs have always managed to win our hearts and make our day with ease. Their light-heartedness, playfulness and the expression of pure emotion has made them adorable.

This is another story about a wonderful doggo all the way from Japan. Meet Gen, this is a Japanese Corgi; with a tail. Currently being 5 years old, Corgi is quite famous on the internet for being very expressive. He has also been listed under the most expressive dogs on the internet as well. With a follower base over 100K on Instagram, he just loves to be himself. Gen is also very attached to his human family no matter if it is sleeping or visiting a friend, Gen is always up and ready for any endeavor.

However, despite all the cuteness and the happiness Gen gives away, he is battling his own battle. He has hereditary chronic renal failure, he was born with it. This condition makes Gen to be thirsty a lot more than usual and also to urinate more than usual with high blood pressure as well. Gen also has another couple of conditions like anemia and convulsive seizures prostatic hyperplasia. He visits his clinic regularly (3 days a week) and gets his treatments in. The doggo’s family loves Gen very much and taking care of him is no burden to them. Although they know that Gen will not have his full life span to live, they make sure that he lives a life full of love and happiness.

We have listed some pictures of Gen down to you. Follow the link to know more about him. Rank your favorite pick out of this adorable collection of photos and leave your thoughts in the comments sections.































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