Almost everyone in the modern world is interested in fashion. Only a small percentage of people go out without thinking twice about what they wear. Every day, new fashion trends, styles, and ideas are introduced to the world. Big firms, influencers, and social media all play a significant role in raising awareness about new fashion trends and updates.

However, a certain level of toxicity has emerged in our culture regarding the ideal physical type of women. The media, well-known companies, and other powerful people in the world promote an extremely unrealistic body type to the rest of the world. This slender and well-kept body shape causes a lot of people to be depressed. Teenagers and many younger females have frequent negative ideas about themselves, which pulls them down and causes them to replace them with unrealistic body imaging.

The present culture notices a resistance to these unrealistic body imaging promotions, as many influencers and other people oppose this unrealistic body imagery. Katie Sturino, a known face to Bananalanguage, is among these individuals. She is a plus-size model, body-acceptance campaigner, and the creator of the ‘Megababe beauty’ brand. She recently launched a hand sanitizer that is good for your skin and protects it without harming it.

This amazing New Yorker performs a really fascinating and excellent job of motivating those who struggle to embrace their bodies by dressing up fashionably. She does this in a very intelligent way; she chooses different celebrities that people idolize and wears the same clothes on her body. In practice, this demonstrates that any body type can look absolutely stylish if properly styled.

Katie had previously been introduced to our readers in one of our previous posts. Check it out, as well as Katie’s website and social media pages, for more of her fantastic work. Scroll down to see the photographs we gathered for you and vote for your best outfit. Please feel free to offer your ideas in the comments area as well.

#1 Kate Middleton.

#2 Emma Roberts.

#3 Lily Collins.

#4 Katie Holmes.

#5 Reese Witherspoon.

#6 Irina Shayk.

#7 Jennifer Lopez.

#8 Chrissy Tiegen.

#9 Reese Witherspoon.

#10 Simone Biles.

#11 Kate Middleton.

#12 Kate Hudson.

#13 Zoë Kravitz.

#14 Isla Fisher.

#15 Kendall Jenner.

#16 Tan France.

#17 Mindy Kaling.

#18 Heidi Klum.

#19 Alessandra Ambrosio.

#20 Mila Kunis.

#21 Kate Middleton.

#22 Julianne Hough.

#23 Mindy Kaling.

#24 Kate Middleton.

#25 Naomi Watts.

#26 Kate Middleton.

#27 Yara (يارا‎) Shahidi.

#28 Amal Clooney.

#29 Taylor Swift.

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