Dogs have always been able to win our hearts and brighten our days. They are lovely because of their lightheartedness, fun, and expressions of genuine passion.

This is another another tale about a great Japanese doggo. Gen is a Japanese Corgi, and he has a tail. Corgi, who is now 5 years old, is well-known on the internet for his expressiveness. He’s also been categorized as one of the most expressive canines on the internet. He just enjoys being himself, with over 100,000 Instagram followers. Gen is also highly close to his human family. Whether napping or visiting a friend, Gen is constantly alert and ready to take on any task.

Despite all of the charm and cheerfulness that Gen exudes, he is fighting his own struggle. He was born with chronic renal failure that is inherited. With high blood pressure, this condition causes Gen to be thirstier than normal and to pee more often as usual. Gen also suffers from anemia and convulsive convulsions, as well as prostatic hyperplasia. He goes to his clinic three times a week and receives his treatments. Gen’s family adores him, and taking care of him is not a hardship for them. Despite the fact that they are aware that Gen will not live to his full potential, they ensure that he has a happy and loving existence.

We’ve compiled a gallery of Gen photos for you. To learn more about him, click the link. In the comments area, rank your favorite picture from this charming collection and share your opinions.






























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