The link between a mother and her kid is a beautiful one that exists in every culture and region. The differences in culture, language, and place will only add to the richness of their friendship.

Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer who travels the globe to record the variety of people, studied the love and kinship that mothers and their children have no matter where they are on the global map. Mothers love and support their children unconditionally no matter what. They may find satisfaction in a variety of activities, beginning with the simplest things like just being in their presence.

The way children and moms brighten each other’s life is a unique and mystical bond that cannot be captured by a camera. But, as a mother, Noroc understands the emotions that they are experiencing. She thinks that love knows no boundaries, regardless of culture, place, or language. Every mother’s eyes and the pleasure they share are clearly evident for Noroc to read. One of the reasons Noroc like to travel across the globe is to experience the same sensation and expression of love in different forms all around the world. We’ve gathered wonderful Noroc photographs from across the globe that depict the love and bond between a mother and her kid. Scroll down and share your ideas with the rest of us in the comments area.











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