Art is a broad category of aesthetics. Pencil drawing is one of the most fundamental kinds of art among the many that exist. Pencil art, which uses simple pencil lines of one consistent color, may still produce beautiful sketches in the contemporary day.

Enrique Bernal, another excellent artist who creates highly skilled pencil work, goes a step further by digitally modifying this picture. He invented a completely unique combo that the world had never seen before. Bernal handles the editing on his pencil sketches himself. He applies the fluorescent light look to his artwork with Medibang Paint. This is a unique style of pencil work that has never been seen before. The photographs were circulated across the internet community after Bernal submitted these remarkable alterations. This is a work of art worth discussing.

The pretty inexplicable shining on his paintings brings the art ring to life. The pencil sketches are great on their own, but with this added impact created by this artist, the complete collection of pictures comes to life. This flawless positioning of these lights in the painting and the art itself is flawless. Bernal’s brilliance in fusing these two very distinct components together has elevated his art to an international level of discussion.

We’ve compiled a compilation of some of his brilliant pencil sketches for you. Scroll down to see this wonderful collection of paintings and vote your favorite to the top of the list. You may also check out Bernard’s Instagram account to see more of his work. Don’t forget to share your views and ideas about Enrique Bernard’s art collection in the comments area below.














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