Mother nature has created this world with the most amazing elements and combinations. We have everything that creates and sustains life, and even more. If we just take a moment to look around us, we will find enough beauty and wonder in this world to make us feel grateful for everything.

This article is about a person who shows the world that you can create amazing things with nothing but Nature. Meet Kanya Tamas, who lives in Hungary. He takes time out of his day to enjoy Nature by the river bank that is beside his house in Budapest. There, he does something artistic that shows almost any element of Nature is artistic. By using flowers, pebbles, shells, stones, and other such things he finds on the river bank, he creates mesmerizing mandalas.

Mandalas are neatly and artistically made arrangements that are originally created using natural elements. Now, the art of it has spread over many other industries such as painting, textile, tattooing, and more. The intricate patterns that loop in the mandala create balance and uniformity. Some consider this to be a form of meditation to layout these patterns to be flawless.

Tamas uses what he discovers on the river bank to create his mandalas. This gives him a surprise and a chance to work with different things all the time. He posts photos of the mandalas that he creates and you only have to look at them once to know that he is awesome at it. So, we thought of sharing some photos of Mandalas Tamas has posted on Bored Panda below this article. Upvote your favorites to the top and share your thoughts in the comments sections below.





























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