Every photographer goes in search of the perfect genre or the perfect shot that will take them and their photo-taking skills to the next level. This was the same with this Poland-born photographer; Marcin Zając. He resides on the West Coast of the US and he explores the realms of photography, traveling all over the globe with nothing but this camera gear.

His travels and endeavors have presented him with a bunch of amazing photos that upholds his image in the photography world. But the golden ticket that made him shine in multiple international competitions and titles was shot very close to home.

If you are interested in the starry skies, you must aware that the American West Coast proudly boasts about their awesome night sky photos. It is where Marcin resides and that is what blessed him with so much recognition on an international level.

He knows how to play with the exposure settings to extract as much light possible from the stars that light up the entire photo. He has been shortlisted multiple times on the “Astronomy Photographer of the Year” competition and he has also won the “NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day” award.

Marcin, has his focus set on the night skies apart from his daytime job as a software engineer. We collected some of his amazing shots for you in the list of photos below this article. You can follow the links to his website and social media accounts to check out more of his work. Scroll down and let us know your thoughts about these awesome shots taken by this talented photographer.








Credits: bananalanguage.com

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