There’s an undeniable allure to watching how the shadow perfectly lines up with the pavement. Or how the tiles align in shockingly neat repetitive patterns. Or how the trees and leaves present themselves in ideal forms and harmony. It’s hard to explain why these everyday oddities look so dreamy, but tapping into these moments of magic seems to scratch an itch we didn’t even know we had.

The increasingly chaotic everyday life has us striving toward order, beauty, and perfection. So if you crave some more of seemingly mundane things that trigger pleasant sensations, the ‘Oddly Satisfying’ subreddit is the place to be. With nearly 8 million members, the online community has set out to collect “those little things that are inexplicably satisfying”, hypnotizing the internet one picture at a time.

Below, we wrapped up the newest batch of some of the most brain-tingling photos to give you a sense of instant satisfaction. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to see some of the most visually pleasing things imaginable. Keep reading to also find our interview about this internet phenomenon with Deborah S. Bowen, Ph.D. Be sure to upvote your favorite pics, and then let us know what you think about them in the comments!

#1  The Lighting Under This Bridge That Makes It Look Like A Crescent-Moon In The Water

#2  Japanese Rice Field Art

#3  This Seamless Circle Of Cats

#4  Lithops Are South African Plants That Have Evolved To Look Like Stones

#5  Washed And Dried Sheep

#6  Stealing The Moon

#7  The Way This Fox Is Curled Up Into A Perfect Circle

#8  This Nice Leaf Art (By @lito_leafart)

#9  These Two Zebras Lining Up Randomly, And Perfectly

#10  This Non-Edited Photo Of Salt Mountains In Iran Still Look Beautiful

#11  It Looks Like A Leafy Spoonful Of Cottage Cheese

#12  An Entire Alphabet Is Carved Into A Pencil

#13  The Deformities In This Carrot Make It Look Like It’s Walking

#14  Lime Cross-Section

#15  This Wall Art I Saw On A Library

#16  This Beetle’s Shell Is So Reflective Its Like A Mirror

#17  Fall Trees With The Beautiful Colors

#18  The Calm Before The Storm

#19  A Chinese Artist Creates Stunning 500m Ladder In The Sky With Fireworks In Tribute To His Grandmother

#20  This Cat & Dog Look Exactly Alike

#21  This Plant Growing Up A Palm Tree

#22  Tulip Fields Just Outside North-Holland, Netherlands

#23  Amazing Hairstyle

#24  The “Blue Dragon River” In Algarve, Portugal

#25  Adding The Backstitches To My Cross-Stitch Embroidery

#26  Ten Carved Crayons

#27  The Sunset Lighting Makes It Look Like Firebreath

#28  After Ordering Some Shrimp, Customer Returned The Plate Like This

#29  This Bicolor Tree

#30  French Pastry Perfection

#31  Drew A Pattern On My Hand

#32  The Underside Of A Lily Pad

#33  Heart-Shaped Tomato

#34  These Onigiri (Rice Balls) Perfectly Shaped Like Cats

#35  Broom Setup In Our Local Garden Store

#36  Bad vs. Good Cable Management In A Server Room

#37  This Shadow Creating A Perfect Gradient

#38  This Flawless Flan

#39  This View From The Sleeper-McCann House In Beuport

#40  Blending With The Surroundings

#41  Seedless Watermelon That Is Very Seedless

#42  It’s Hard To Believe The Dizzying Patterns Covering This Abandoned Salt Mine Are Completely Natural

#43  This Rectangular Iceberg

#44  The Head Of A White Sturgeon When Viewed From Above Is Somewhat Beguiling As It Appears To Be The Head Of A Giraffe Or Mythical Dragon. This Species Of Sturgeon Is North America’s Largest Freshwater Fish

#45  This Rock I Found Today

#46  The Foehn Effect Covering Just One Side Of This Mountain

#47  Hinding In The Trenches

#48  This Bread, With Legs

#49  The Way This Horse’s Fur Flattens When I Pet Her

#50  Optical Illusion By These Clothes Make Them Look Pixelated In 2D


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