Nothing grinds your gears more than a happy couple if you’re always alone. You don’t have to take it out on your friends and family anymore, because this Instagrammer is doing it for you.

“Love, oh love. It is what keeps the world turning. Except if you’re me. Then you just stand in the shadows of cute couples, but hey.” This is all the bio Third Wheel Extravaganza requires. She is unconcerned whether it is your engagement party, wedding, or pregnancy announcement. No one is safe from her trademark deadpan expression.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t even revealed her name (unless it’s Third Wheel Extravaganza because she’s that dedicated), her page has become an international sensation. Finally, the world’s third wheels have found refuge from the onslaught of Instagram couples, and she is their patron saint.

#1 Why Should You Stop at the Third Wheel? Superstar, Dream Big

#2 Second Wheel: Study Time Edition…

#3 Pro Tip: Significant Others do not always need to be present. A simple phone call will suffice.

#4 third Wheel: Wedding Edition, Part 2. Congratulations, Emma and Tyler!

#5 Appreciate Third Wheeling

#6 Engagement Edition of Third Wheel

#7 You Don’t Always Have To Leave The Comfort Of Your Own Home For Third Wheel

#8 The Third Wheel: Pregnant Couple Edition

#9 Eternal Third Wheel .

#10 On A Plane Edition: There Is No Escape When They Have The Middle And Aisle Seats…

#11 Forever Third Wheel Pt 2

#12 Wedding Edition Part 1. Congrats To Henry And Hero!

#13 Third Wheel In E Minor

#14 Third Wheel Continued

#15 Third Wheel Forever


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