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Beautiful Henna Crowns Drawn On Cancer Patient’s Bare Heads

Cancer is a disease that’s hard to treat, but when the treatments are done the patients face an emotionally hard time. With the difficulty of the disease, they have to face loss of hair due to chemotherapy. And it might be quite difficult for them to lose their hair. As a solution for this, five ladies from Canada had established a community named Henna Heals where there are about 150 women henna artists from all over the world. They help the ladies who suffer from hair loss to feel more beautiful and confident by drawing hair crowns on their heads.


They use a natural henna paste to do the drawing on the heads ad the pattens they draw are unique and a good substitute for wigs or hats that ladies use to cover their bare heads. Frances Darwin had said that for these patients this is really a healing experience. She is the founder of Henna Heals and had said that or it’s about them recovering a part of themselves that is normally said as ill or damaged.


These are temporary tattoos that are traditional in South Asia and are made of natural paste that is homemade. These henna tattoos stick for about 2 weeks and have no side effects. Hena Heals also do tattoos for special occasions and they do belly drawings for to-be-moms, 10% is donated to recover the cost of designs they do for cancer patients.
















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